My Dad, my Man, i love you eternity

Hari ini ke rumah papa sama mas Ardha dan Malik, pulang dari London kemarin terasa kangen dengan mama papa di rumah. Papaku kelihatan senang kami datang, semakin kurus badannya, tapi senyum lebarnya saat melihat kami sampai, memangku Malik anak bungsu saya.

Pa, i may not good in words, i may not say it so often that i love you, that i thank you for everything you taught me. We may not talk that much like any other daughter to their dad, but i know you love me, you proud of me even though you never say it. I remember when i was a child, we usually had morning walk together just you and me, you hold my hand and feel safe like no one will ever be able to hurt me. When i grew up you usually had so many rules that i really hate to obey. We end up arguing but still you will listen (in the end you always win :P). but i realise now when i have these 3 beautiful kids why you ever did that …why you always be a super protective and ‘galak’ dad to me. I love you for that, i thank you for that. That makes me who i am now. I am forever grateful having you in my life papa.

With so much love, S H A R A H

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