assalamualaikum, hello there….

thank you for coming to my web blog :-)

It’s me Sharah Saleh Sugarda

a mother who is addicted to her 3 gorgeous children Kalila – Nawal – Malik
a ‘stuborn’ child of my parents and parents in law,
a too good to be true wife to my husband qeqeqe (hello there papa Ardha… ;p)
a mother to thousands members in my other family here in Triple S
and for you online shop owner, you must love me as am a true online shopaholic when i forgot to take my medicine 😀

i love to read, love to learn, love bizyness, crazy 4 something new, love travelling, love money, love sale, love branded bags, love branded shoes, love batik and songket and tenun….love all the indonesian heritage, conclusion: i love almost all material thing he he he.

even though i love, very much, all the materialistic things, on top of all i’m just an ordinary human seeking for true love and peaceful in heaven…wanna stay there forever in the future life…insyaAllah with my beloved family, all of them!

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sharah saleh sugarda
a work at home mom